• Fabrizio Caroleo, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Rosamaria Capuano, Assistant professor of Electronics
  • Alexandro Catini, Associate Professor of Electronics
  • Corrado Di Natale, Full professor of Electronics
  • Larisa Lvova, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Gabriele Magna,  Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Federica Mandoj, Research assistant of Chemistry
  • Donato Monti, Associate Professor of Chemistry at La Sapienza University, Rome
  • Sara Nardis, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Roberto Paolesse, Full professor of Chemistry
  • Manuela Stefanelli, Associate Professor of Chemistry


PhD Students

  • Lorena Di Zazzo, PhD student in Electronic Engineering
  • Yolande Christelle Ketchanji Mougang, PhD student in Electronic Engineering
  • Mounika Muduganti, PhD student in Electronic Engineering